Welcome to Samarzhad, traveller, the largest city along the great Silk Road! We hope your journey was a pleasant one, through the mystic Payegon Mountains and through the Halwa Desert - avoiding the bandits and demons along the way, of course. But now that you're here, what will you do?

The city is a haven for traders, with caravans passing through its gates daily and the harbour always full of foreign vessels, but there's more to life than money; Samarzhad boasts lavish gardens and world-class universities, where you can learn magic from creatures as old as time itself. Or perhaps adventure's in your blood, and you're just itching to get back out to the desert, or mountains, or the wilds of the island jungles - whatever it may be, dear traveller, welcome!

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New to Zellij Stars? The best place to start would be right here - where you can find the site rules, as well as all our information topics for the site!
6 2 May 19 2013, 09:01 AM
As time goes on, things will need to change - but it's always good to get a heads up when they do! All updates for the site will be posted in here, so be sure to keep an eye on it for any unexpected announcements.
9 8 Jul 28 2013, 08:08 AM
In: 26th July 2013
By: Abel Zador
Here is where you can find more descriptive information about the world of Zellij Stars and it's inhabitants. Influential plots began by members can be found summarized here.
4 12 Mar 1 2013, 09:07 AM

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A new visitor to the land? Be sure to fill out our character application before you go off posting! All characters must be accepted by a staff member before they can be used IC, so don't forget this essential step.
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By: naome
In search of plots, or need a character position filled? Perhaps just looking for fellow adventurers to travel the desert with? All things plot-related are located in here.
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47 111 Aug 1 2013, 09:48 AM
In: Trying so hard
By: Jaun Essa
Passing Notes
Not every thought can be spoken aloud - some need to be confined to the page, in order to not offend. Character journals, as well as any communication conducted through the trusty postal system, have a home in this board.
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2 1 Apr 25 2013, 03:58 AM
In: Dear Kasr From Your Big Bro...
By: Kashim Razaei

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Qazrat Hill
At the highest point of the city lies its oldest and grandest buildings. Surrounded still by the decorated walls of its fort heritage, the district holds in it an air of distinct superiority. The large houses of the elite, set within their lush gardens, line the wide streets - and the stores, stocked with extravagant silks and scents, cater to a very specific kind of customer.
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9 67 Aug 21 2013, 10:57 AM
In: An Unexpected Visit
By: Arsalan Koushan
Isfabriz Circle
The economic heart of the city, the Isfabriz District caters to the masses. Stores and entertainment buildings dominate the arta, which wraps around the lower slopes of Quazrat Hill - a single broad road leads through the center, however there are many detours and winding side-streets snaking between apartment blocks. If that's too hard, the enterprising soul can always use the flat rooftops to travel - some even provide ladders and boards to act as bridges.
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8 69 Jul 29 2013, 02:57 PM
In: An Apple a Day Keeps the Do...
By: Sahir Hakim
Kashran Flat
The industrial district of the city, Kashran District also encompasses the poorest areas of town. It takes up the westernmost sector of the city, wedged between the Isfabriz District and the city's harbour. A common hangout for sailors, transient merchants and ner-do-wells, the rickety buildings here are built primarily of wood rather than stone. Dark, dank and dirty - and without much in the way of cleaning. The only reason you'd be here if you didn't have to be would be to visit its seedier establishments.
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5 72 Jul 29 2013, 11:29 AM
By: Sahir Hakim

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Silk Road
Golden sand as far as the eye can see. Here and there, rock formations and ruins of long-gone civilisations break apart the monotony. The mighty Kashran river flows through the sea of sand, and many small oases provide water for travellers. If you're unlucky, a desert djinn or bandits might block your path - it's best to travel with company, and always have your eyes open.
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2 31 Jun 28 2013, 05:53 PM
In: Memory Covered By the Sands
By: Meshki
Gana Oasis
The largest oasis in the Halwa Desert, it's no wonder the Gana has attracted all sorts of travellers. Tents are nearly always visible amongst the greenery, to the point where the cleared land outside of Ranab's Retreat could almost be considered a town in its own right. Merchants sell wares and supplies from their tent-fronts, children play between them, and if you're lucky, there might even be an impromptu practice-spar between travelling warriors to pass away the time in the checkpoint that is the oasis.
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The city of Tashaz is not in a place where one would expect a large population to be. Situated near by a tributary of the Kashran River, it owes its survival to the minds of the engineers that set up its first irrigation and water systems. The city appears small when compared to Samarzahd, with its numerous low-lying buildings built from local sandstone, but in reality it's much larger. Many parts of the city are actually underground, with networks of caves linking one place to another.
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2 2 Aug 20 2013, 03:10 PM
In: Want To Shine On You Like T...
By: Sanjar Al-Zamir

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Damghoy Foothills
Desert slowly gives way to grassy, hilly terrain broken sporadically by trees whose growth has been severely stunted by the harsh winds. These expansive plains are home to several nomadic tribes, however the most powerful are the Damghoy. They trade in sturdy, stocky horses and precious metals that lie within the hills, although usually this is done in the cities, as it's hard to catch a Damghoy rider in their natural habitat.
2 8 Jul 28 2013, 10:06 PM
In: Do I know you from somewher...
By: Zev
Kahsah Pass
The clearest path through the mountain range, the Kahsah Pass. The road through here is well constructed, yet worn by years of use and the unforgiving weather. Bandits live in the caves nearby, ready to prey on any unsuspecting travellers who lose their way amongst the featureless landscape and constant snow.
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Situated in the mountains, on what ever flat land they could find, the people of Dharanpur have built their marvellous city. Pagodas rise with the peaks, painted bright red and edged in gold, as the people wrapped in their robes go about their daily lives. There is a calm sense of spirituality about this city, where many of its inhabitants claim they are related to spirits. Straddling the main pass through the mountains, this small city is incredibly wealthy, as it controls all trade from Samarzahd to the grand empires in the East.
Subforums: The Academy, Dharanpur Checkpoint

3 15 Jul 19 2013, 08:02 PM
In: If it all came back to you
By: Jinan

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Leyak Jungle
Covering the largest of the islands, the Leyak jungle is home to many different creatures - although it has a reputation as a home to demons. The lush green trees create a canopy that blocks out almost all light, but that doesn't mean life doesn't thrive on the jungle floor. The fruits and flowers of the jungle are rumoured to contain magical properties, and are harvested by the few who dare make it their home.
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The only city to rival Samarzhad in size, the island city of Meybol is a haven for ocean-bound traders. The constant stream of sailors has given the place a reputation, although it promotes itself as a clean and lawful city. Its buildings are constructed mostly from wood, although a few are in local lime-stone, with the most important rising like pagoda, in reverence to the nearby Hanbi Mountain. This is a city that is very concerned with its relationship to nature, evident in the carvings of forest-dwelling beasts and spirits, and less subtly in the monkeys that swarm the town squares.
2 16 Jul 19 2013, 06:02 AM
In: Wecome to the Jungle
By: Siham Noorani
At the tip of the group of islands, and the closest to the city of Samarzhad, lies the smallest of the lot. Perched on the edge of this island is the fishing village of Barong. Wooden structures and raised walkways jut out on to the reefs, where fishermen hunt for the large fish that provide both food and money for trade.
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In: Ava Sheikh, Kaftar
By: Ava Sheikh

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